Religious Organizations

Specialty Programs


Religious Organizations

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Outdoor Camps – including summers
  • Clubs
  • Bible Studies Groups
  • Library
  • Museums
  • Special events
  • Publishers

What If:

  1. Accidents while employee or volunteers are on business errands?
  2. Catastrophic damage occurs to the building and contents?
  3. Terrorism Act occurs?
  4. Ministry is sued for molestation?
  5. Loss or damage occurs during community events?
  6. You are sued due to directing actions of others?
  7. Expenses continue when church cannot be conducted due to loss?
  8. Property of parishioners are stolen or damaged?
  9. Child in nursery is hurt?
  10. Parishioners private information is breached?
  11. Pastor/Counselor is sued?

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Churches / Institutions Services

Crosslet’s team includes a Faith-based minister who understands how to manage insurance risks for Faith-Based Community, maximizing security, safety and growth. This program was specially designed to address the operations related Churches & Religious organizations, Schools (including private) (K-12), Camps, Clubs, Libraries and Museums. Crosslet’s faith-based specialists delivers a broad and targeted solutions while understanding of how your faith expresses itself.

Broad Coverage for Churches / Religious Intuitions

Our Religious Specialty Program includes:

  • AM best A++ Carrier.
  • Insures: Ministerial leadership, officers, staff, volunteers and congregation.
  • Complete protection to freely share words of faith and religious expression, and free from legal retaliation.
  • Violent Incident Protection – included.

Somethings to Think About:

  • Damages from acts of counseling.
  • Physical injuries from slips and falls on or off of the premises.
  • Stained-glass window and unique property – special exposures, special coverages
  • Field or mission trips where wildlife or allergic reaction causes a child to be hospitalized
  • Sexual Misconduct or Abuse lawsuits
  • Theft, Robbery or Burglary of assets or money offerings
  • Computer thieves steal private information of your parishioners