Marine Logistics & Industries Risk Management

Florida offers more waterfront than any other State in the country. Whether the ship is used for recreational or commercial purposes, all water vessels are vulnerable to exposures that can damage vessels and cargo, and harm crew or passengers. As global trade stretches into more remote corners of the world, the entire maritime industry enjoys new growth opportunities. It also faces new challenges, unpredictable costs, and the ever-present potential for catastrophic loss. Whether you build, operate, service or repair marine vessels many exposures arise that can cause financial strain Crosslet offers the expertize and support for all your insurance needs... Having the right insurance policy in place will help protect your clients. Crosslet provides the deep expertise needed to manage today’s risks and identify those that are on the horizon.

  • Marinas
  • Transport and Cargo vessels
  • Commercial fisheries
  • Dive operators & shops
  • Tour and ferry services
  • Management, Employee safety & Risk management