Business & Professional Services

Specialty Programs


Business & Professional Services

  • Accountants & Bookkeeping
  • Architects / Engineers
  • Business Financial Services
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Design & Drafting Services
  • Financial advisers
  • Legal services
  • Management advisors/services
  • Packaging & Shipping Stores
  • Physicians/Medical Services
  • Web Designers

What If:

  1. Sending information with unsecured email or website?
  2. Professional oversight – Errors & Omissions?
  3. Damage to valuable papers – client records or designed products?
  4. Defaming character of client – stating client records cannot be trusted?
  5. Natural disasters limits the ability to deliver services?
  6. Lease equipment contracts required coverage – are you insured?
  7. Cyber thieves hack into and steal customers private information?
  8. Independent contractors covered under Workers Compensation?
  9. Accidents while employee or volunteers are on business errands?
  10. New laws are misinterpreted and not adhered too – insured sued?

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Business Professionals

Crosslet professionals are committed to making sure that all coverages are offered for your business and working to grow with your growth. Our risk managers can review the exposure and continually educate you based on potential a wide variety of liability and property hazards. Cyber attacks are on the rise. Considering how it can affect your business reputation and the customers identity? Crosslet can provide quality coverage.

Broad Coverage for Retail – Hospitality - Entertainment

Our Specialty Program includes:

  • AM best A++ Carrier.
  • Insures: Owners, board members, employees, and volunteers.
  • Proper Protection to assure safety, security and profitability.
  • Property and Liability. Business Income and many coverages available.

Somethings to Think About:

  • Physical injuries from slips and falls on or off of the premises.
  • Your staff publicized in social media by competitors and your staff over-reacts with slander.
  • Providing inaccurate information or legal documents to your clients.
  • Medical, Legal or Design where a client suggests a change which was not completed; causing a major financial loss.
  • Consider the large expense for legal expenses, time away from your business and negative reputation impact.
  • Employee does not communicate the information provided from client resulting in hospitalization.