Home-Based Businesses

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Insurance for your Home-Based Business is Most Important:

Think about it...
If you run a business out of your home, please ask yourself a few important questions:

  • Do co-workers, customers, clients or Sub-Contractor s ever come to my home?
  • Do I keep inventory or supplies in my home or at off-site job locations?
  • Would I lose income if I had to close my business because of damage to my home?
  • Do I have employees working in or outside of my home?
  • Do I maintain client or employee records on my computer?

Your Homeowners Policy is designed to cover normal personal liability & property risks associated with home ownership and almost always excludes business use or coverage of any kind!

Business activities & property are excluded on most Homeowners policies

Business activities & property which are excluded on Homeowners policies include:

  • General Liability (CGL)- accidents or injuries to visitors, guests & customers
  • Property damage to personal or business property; both on and off-site
  • Professional Liability of any kind
  • Business computers, furniture, fixtures, equipment
  • Inventory, office supplies & equipment, valuable papers & money

Without the right coverage, your business could be financially responsible for property damage, lawsuits, employee injuries, or issues related to data loss. Get the proper protection and security you need for your home-based IT & Consulting business today! Get Covered NOW

Solutions for your Home-Based business may include:

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy – If you don't have inventory or equipment in your home or at offsite locations, you might want basic coverage with a general liability only policy. This will protect you if you’re sued for negligence, personal injury or a faulty product.

Business Owner’s Policy – Helps cover structures on your property - where your home-based business operates. This policy can also cover damage to inventory or loss of business income if your home is damaged by fire or high winds. A standard Business Owner’s policy combines property and liability coverage.

Business Owner’s Policy with Endorsements – You can tailor your Business Owner’s policy with added endorsements like Data Breach for example, if your business stores personal information about customers or employees. Add Optional Business Income for Off Premises Utility Services (OPUS) coverage to help cover a loss of business income resulting from an interruption in utility services.

Internet Failures, Cybercrime, Natural Disasters (even distant), Power Outages & Outside System failures causing interruption to you & your client’s operations? We can cover the Loss of Your Business Income. Click Here for details

Home-Based Business Claim Examples

Here are a few examples of home-based business claims incidents:

A Developer hosts a small meeting at her home-based business. A visiting co-worker trips and falls in the home resulting in injuries. The visiting co-worker sues the homeowner for $42,000 damages.

A fire at your home makes it uninhabitable and your home-based business must be shut down. Your Home-Based Business policy provides the needed lost income and additional expense coverage.

Your laptop is stolen while you are working in a rented meeting room. Your Home-Based Business policy provides up to $5,000 to replace your laptop while away from the residence premises.

A storm causes water damage to $7,500 of your home-based business equipment. Your Homeowners policy excludes business property, but your business policy provides up to $25,000 for on-premises business personal property and everything is covered.

Your home-based application development operation suffers a power surge damaging your computer, printer, and several expensive networking instruments. Your Homeowners policy excludes all the equipment since the property was owned by your business. However, your Home-based business policy covers everything and will replace the damaged equipment.

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