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Why does an Individual Technology Contractor Need Business Insurance?

  • Isn’t that covered by the company I contract for?
    • or under my contract?
  • Doesn’t the legal responsibility go someplace else since I just work under them?
  • If I incorporate, is insurance really necessary?
  • What are the Professional & General Liability risks of being in business by myself?
  • Am I insured for this,
    • or personally exposed for risks?

Actually, all liability for General, Technical, & Professional business risks becomes shared by the businesses who work together towards a common client product or service.
This means both you and the company you work under (or for) may be held legally responsible for everything you jointly design, develop and deliver to customers.

  • The company you work for (or under) will be liable (and they insure themselves only)
  • You (personally, your company or business) would also be held liable
  • Your corporation (if incorporated) would also be liable,

    -but if the corporation has no financial responsibility (or insurance) then you could be held personally liable (back to your personal assets). Check your State Corporate Laws to confirm this.

Why does Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance matter to me?

Commercial General Liability insurance provides coverage for damages for which you and your business are responsible if there is an incident which causes injuries, property damage or financial losses. Learn More

Why does Professional Liability Insurance matter to me?

Professional Liability (E&O) insurance provides coverage for damages from negligence claims for the professional services & applications which you and your business are held responsible if customers suffer losses from the reliability, performance or serviceability of your products and services including Cybercrime. Why this is Important

We insure Cybercrime for you & your clients! Learn More

Why does Workers' Compensation Insurance matter to me?

  • Contractual Requirements: Many businesses require independents and Sub-Contractor s to have their own Commercial & Professional Liability insurance as well as Workers' Compensation (or WC Exemption Certificate) for their own liability protection, and that’s just good business
  • Business & Personal Financial Protection: Workers' Compensation pays for ALL business work related accidents & injuries (including auto accidents) and provides coverage for today’s very high medical expenses to help you recover financially from such catastrophic losses.

Click here if you are an Independent Contractor looking for more information on Workers Compensation or exemptions for yourself.

We Can Insure You!

Independent Technology Designer, Developer or Contractor & other IT professionals who work on their own

  • Home-Based business
  • Freelance Contractor working on customer locations
  • Sub-Contractor for another Technology firm
  • and much more

We can provide Commercial General Liability with Professional Liability- the most important coverages for you.

Our Mission is managing insurance risks for the Technology & Services community to maximize security, safety & profitability.