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We Cover Tech Companies, No Matter The Size!

We insure all kinds and sizes of startups, small and mid-sized Technology Enterprises, Computer and Independent IT Contractor s, Consultants and Home-Based businesses

Technology & Services Insurance: You plan your products, programs & services; -but you can’t plan for everything.

The technology services industry requires that your business stays on top of rapidly evolving systems, software and hardware updates, client needs, and so much more. Keeping pace with these developments and innovating on your own can expose technology service professionals to increasing levels of risk. Learn about the insurance coverage typically needed for startups, small and mid-sized technology enterprises as well as computer and IT consultants offered by and purchased through The Hartford and Crosslet Insurance.

Crosslet Insurance provides many years of important financial and risk protection expertise to deliver the best products & services for all types of Technology & Services businesses. GREAT Insurance at a GREAT Price!

Why does Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance matter to me?

Commercial General Liability insurance provides coverage for damages for which you and your business are responsible if there is an incident which causes injuries, property damage or financial losses. Learn More

Why does Professional Liability Insurance matter to me?

Professional Liability (E&O) insurance provides coverage for damages from negligence claims for the professional services & applications which you and your business are held responsible if customers suffer losses from the reliability, performance or serviceability of your products and services including Cybercrime. Why this is Important?

We insure Cybercrime for you & your clients! Learn More

Why does Workers' Compensation Insurance matter to me?

  • Contractual Requirements: Many businesses require Independents and Sub-Contractor s to have their own Commercial & Professional Liability insurance as well as Workers' Compensation (or WC Exemption Certificate) for their own liability protection - and that’s just good business.
  • Business & Personal Financial Protection: Workers' Compensation pays for ALL business work related accidents & injuries (including auto accidents) and provides coverage for today’s very high medical expenses to help you recover financially from such catastrophic losses.

Click here if you are an Independent Contractor looking for more information on Workers Compensation or exemptions for yourself.

We offer plans to protect virtually any Startup & Mid-sized EnterpriseTechnology & Services business:

  • Contract programming
  • Enterprise Applications of all kinds
  • Full business office operations
  • Home-based Designers & Developers
  • Independent Contractor s (1099 & contract)
  • IT Service businesses
  • Mobile computer/network/internet repair service
  • On and offsite consulting & services
  • Online consulting, coaching & support
  • Remote & On-site Customer Support technicians
  • Supply chain, logistics & manufacturing management systems
  • W2, 1099, and all contract employees

Limitations: We cannot insure individuals under age 18 and/or for programs and services primarily related to content on or about Adult or gambling, military, GPS mapping, Medical purposes, certain Financial Services, Emergency Services, Security, Architecture/Engineering/CAD/CAM and Aircraft/Aerospace or IT Instruction/Activities.

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Additional Solutions

Now that you have the basic essentials you may also benefit from the following coverage options if you have employees, use a car for work, work from home or you are a computer, technology or IT business:

Business Income coverage:
Cybercrime, Key personnel, Off-premises utilities or operations Click Here

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions):
FailSafe your products & services from many risks! Including failure, contractual, downtime & cyber Click Here

Cybercrime Coverage:
Identity Theft, Malware, Worms, DoS attacks, ransomware, extortion, rogue employees, downtime Click Here

Commercial Auto:
Business use of your car, truck or other vehicle Click Here

Business Personal Property:
Tools, equipment, inventory etc. from $5,000 to $100,000 Click Here

Data Breach Coverage:
Electronic Theft/Loss of Confidential Customer Data Click Here

Workers' Compensation
Your Employees for Accidents/Injuries Click Here

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