Who We Insure

Innovation & Innovators

Working together with The Hartford Insurance Company

We insure all types of Technology Companies

  • Contract Programming
  • Enterprise Applications of all kinds
  • Full business office operations
  • Home-based Designers & Developers
  • Independent Contractor s (1099 & contract)
  • IT Service businesses
  • Mobile computer/network/internet repair service
  • On and offsite consulting & services
  • Online consulting, coaching & support
  • Remote & On-site Customer Support technicians
  • Supply chain, logistics & manufacturing management systems
  • W2, 1099, and all contract employees

Limitations: We cannot insure individuals under age 18 and/or for programs and services primarily related to content on or about Adult or gambling, military, GPS mapping, medical purposes, certain financial services, emergency services, security, architecture/engineering/CAD/CAM and aircraft/aerospace or IT instruction/activities.

Contact Us for all the necessary insurance guidance and coverage for your Technology business, events and contract requirements.

We offer plans to protect virtually any Technology & Services business

We manage insurance risks for the Technology & Services community to maximize security, safety & profitability. We provide affordable, quality insurance coverage for all types of Technology General, Professional & Cyber risks.

We Insure You Better by providing high-quality coverage with all the essentials at an affordable cost. We offer value-added options to tailor each solution to your specific business needs and budget.

Security, Safety & Profitability: Our Specialty Technology & Services Insurance program is designed to protect the policyholder against lawsuits, claims-made related to bodily injury of others, property damage to the business premise.

We can also insure your critical Business Income from:

  • Natural disasters
  • Man-made disasters (Cybercrime)
  • Losses related to employee accidents
  • Employee injuries (Workers' Compensation)

Your bank account should not go down because your business did!

So Who Can We Cover?

We insure Home-Based Design, Development & Technology Professionals! Why this is Important?

Our Home-Based Technology & Services Insurance Packages include everything you need, and the extras are optional so you can tailor your plan to suit your business & budget. Learn More

We Also Insure These Other Types of Technology & Services Businesses:

  • API
  • Application Development
  • Application Hosting
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Application Service Providers
  • Business Processes Management
  • Computer Consulting
  • Computer Data Processing
  • Computer Facilities Management
  • Computer Installation
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Services
  • Computer Systems Integration Services
  • Custom Computer Programming & Application Services
  • Data analysis
  • Data Management
  • Data Processing
  • Data Services
  • Design & Development
  • EDP
  • Graphic Designers
  • Hosting Services
  • Information Security
  • Internet Access & Service Providers
  • Internet Search & Indexing Tool Providers
  • IT Service Providers
  • IT Staffing Services
  • Knowledge Management Services
  • Network Installation & Services
  • Prepackaged Software
  • Software & Internet Design Services
  • Software Producers
  • Technology Service Providers
  • Telecommunication Service Providers
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Web Professionals
  • Website Design
  • Website Development Services
  • Internet Crime Investigation
  • IT Forensic & Integrity Services